Hi, I’m an artistic researcher in Hasselt University, Belgium.


My work asks what remains of the European Catholic heritage in secular contemporary visual culture. This question is offered from a place beyond belief, beyond the supernatural- it is merely an issue of flesh and bone; of images surviving time (hello Aby Warburg!); of the need we have for stories. There are several undercurrents infiltrating everything I am interested in, mostly how we engage in meaning-making, and how we construct ourselves.


TEDx Youth Maastricht

March 2018

Europe’s Christian past begs the question of our secular present. What happens when God has left the building? How can we recover stories and images that can help us navigate the current environmental and political climate without falling into supernatural beliefs and oppressing structures?

Marres Currents #5: I spy, I spy a little lie

13.12 - 4.2.2018

Curators Evelyn Simons and Isabel Van Bos present I spy, I spy a little lie. By re-examining the tools we use to communicate with one another, the works in this exhibition address how information and knowledge are shared today.

Video by Accessible Art Fair 2016

Contemplation and contemporary art


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