Agathes 4

Agathes 4


The Agathes are meditative, original paintings displayed as diptychs.

The two parts of each paintingstart as one piece, and slowly develop into two, resulting in a dialogue between each side about what's common and what's unique.

To me, as I paint them, it's important to emit no judgement on what the pieces look like, trying to keep in flow with the particularities of every shape. Also, it's part of the process to paint these double pieces, almost facing the same composition twice. Each side allows me to explore a different take on one same image.

If you bring one of these diptychs home, you can display them together, as I do in my studio, or have them facing each other on opposite walls, or framing something with two sides, like a bed, or a library. These pieces dialogue with each other as long as they are in the same field of vision. Each panel is 110x73 cms. (which google tells me is approx.  43.3x28.7 inches).

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