Aube series - mini originals, framed

Aube series - mini originals, framed


Aube means dawn.

These small pieces (10x15 cms, postcard sized) have a color palette inspired by the beginning of the day. Sunrises are not only visually stunning, they invite a calm optimism.

My hope with these small pieces is that they can be a spot for you to stop and breathe. A reminder of why you are doing things, of what's worth something. I always imagine collectors buy my work the way one may get a tattoo: it helps you remember what matters whenever you get a glimpse of it.

These lil' guys are made with watercolors, inks and acrylics; and come framed in simple white wood - making them ready to give or display. Their colors are light but not dull, and may contain metallic and light-changing particles.


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