Something I wanted to talk to you about

(originally a newsletter)

Hey there, sugarplum!
How have you been?

I missed writing to you yesterday, my computer time is very limited these days.

I don't have a post for you today, more of an honest comment.

I have been thinking that the instagram me, and the blog/newsletter me don't sound quite the same. Do you know what I mean? Maybe this happens to you, too.

Maria Gil
Open-ended promises - an unfinished post

Even as I type, I am not quite sure what is it exactly that I want to say.

Earlier on this week I was catching up with Heidi, who is a super smart, super creative fellow smartypants lady (if you ever fantasize about writing a book, you want to check her out).

There is so much talk within the entrepreneur spheres of education destroying one's unique abilities and desires and what not. And sure, I have stories to tell about teachers and professors who crushed projects that, in hindsight, were awesome. BUT I also LOVED being a student.

Maria Gil
The co-created playlist is here!

Before I get craking with the playlist, thanks a million to those of you who wrote back last week saying that YES, you'd like to read more from my Art Historian/Theorist alter ego. It's much appreciated.

Maria Gil

Think of a painter. A modern one.

I bet what you are imagining is a stereotypical dude, frenzied over a canvas, possibly drunk or angry. That's an Abstract expressionist, yo. You know them because they are very dramatic and make for good biopics.

Maria Gil
Discovering curiosity

I was lying on a massage bed, in my underwear. A lady my age was kneading my belly like it was a big ball of dough.

"Here", she said sticking her fingers deep into my guts, "what is this?".

Maria Gil
You live and you learn

You know how for a while I've been going on and on about doing less, and letting go of perfectionism, and how my painting practice is about embracing mistakes and blah, blah, blah.

Maria Gil
Co-creation and weighting cows

I've been thinking of pushing my co-creation experiments to one of the darkest corners of creative businesses:

PRICING (cue horror movie scream).


I've tried opening up conversations about how to price Art and I've found:

Maria Gil
Re-imagine paradise

I'm just back from holidays. I've been in an island, right by the beach: an earthly paradise.

If you are anything like me, you are visualizing palm-trees, huge flowers that smell like suntan lotion, colorful birds, even.

Stop right there.

Maria Gil