A new mantra for 2015

I wrote a blog post for you about this new mantra.

And then I realized I was doing with the post the same thing I was trying to avoid with the mantra.

Does that make sense?

I decided 2014 was the year I'd figure my way; and what I have learnt is that my way was not obscure, I just got terrible distracted and persuaded to do things differently.

So my mantra for 2015 is simple:

Fuck that.

It's just extra permission to trust my own judgement, put my blinders on, and not need to be super nice and attentive to everything and everyone that crosses my way.

If that's useful to you, take it.

I made a printable for you - you can download it here for free, no sign-up required.

If it's not, easy. Just say: fuck that.

Off you go!

Thanks for being here.

To a fab 2015!