A simple strategy to make your communication authentic - graph included

I am in a new mastermind. A fabulous, fabulous mastermind.

Every single lady in it* blows my mind as a person and as a brand; and what's more, they totally get what I do. If you are expecting a "but", you are a cynical, mean reader.

It really is beautiful.

Now, amongst all of these ladies, there's one that made a special impact because... she's me. A skinnier, taller version of me, but me nonetheless. She has very, very similar strenghts and consequently very, very similar struggles. It's bizarre! Especially considering that what I do is not common.


So, being an egomaniac like most creatives, I wanted to get to know her better. Because duh, that'd be like putting a mirror right in front of my soul. Or something.

Cue me thinking how on earth to tell her to meet me alone, without the rest of the group.

If you are drawing high school dating parallels, you are right. I came up with weak excuses that were evidently made up. And I really didn't want her to see me all teenage crush-like.


Then... lightbulb moment!

I ... I droped the excuse.

I just sent an email saying the most bare honest truth I had: "I am curious. Can we meet?"

And just like in those cheesy movies, she sent back: "I was wondering how to ask the same. Let's do this."

Fluttering animated hearts ensued. And long skype calls. And brainstorm sparks and personal dreams and what not. We both had a good feeling about it, and we were both right.


Ever since, I have caught myself putting that communicative barrier all the time. Sometimes it's in an email. Sometimes, in a blog post. Even in instagram!

It's meant to be an aid, but in reality it can distract compeltely from your intention.

In name of helpfulness, here's a graph... and a .gif!


Do you ever do this? Try dropping this guard and tell me how it went!

That's that.



*we both know you want to snoop: Deb, Mery, Erika, Nadia and Ariadna. That's what the internet is for, yo. And nope, I'm not telling you which one it is. Boundaries, dude, boundaries.