Open-ended promises - an unfinished post

Even as I type, I am not quite sure what is it exactly that I want to say.

Earlier on this week I was catching up with Heidi, who is a super smart, super creative fellow smartypants lady (if you ever fantasize about writing a book, you want to check her out).

There is so much talk within the entrepreneur spheres of education destroying one's unique abilities and desires and what not. And sure, I have stories to tell about teachers and professors who crushed projects that, in hindsight, were awesome. BUT I also LOVED being a student.

I am super happy in a library. I had the time of my life writing my dissertation. Education gave me a context to unleash this inner beast- and you know I am super keen on frames and structures as a form of freedom.

Being massive nerd, all the entrepreneurial call to action, to ship it, to sell benefits over process, can feel overwhelming, shorthanded and formulaic.

I am lucky enough that as an artist I go to my studio and do whatever the f*ck I want, but, for example, right now I am itching to... research (true story). And making time to sit down and read rather than stand up and paint is ... surprisingly hard.

Every time I talk to Heidi we end up mentioning pleasure, surprise, nerdy quests and doing for the sake of curiosity. I know we are unto something. We both light up when we give space to these pure search. I am not only talking about "passion projects" but about things that might come before that, things that might not even qualify as projects - a drive to learn and experiment. And since I believe in content and form supporting each other...

there's no punchy conclusion to this post - I am going to open this post to you.

Do you also feel pressured into delivering a tangible promise? What is it you'd wish you had more time to do? What is your inner nerd itching to do, but somehow your professional adult self cannot schedule into the day?

Let me know in this conversation in instagram, or send me an email. No promises on whether this will result in a post, a poll or whatever, I am just very, very curious.

Maria Gil