Something I wanted to talk to you about

(originally a newsletter)

Hey there, sugarplum!
How have you been?

I missed writing to you yesterday, my computer time is very limited these days.

I don't have a post for you today, more of an honest comment.

I have been thinking that the instagram me, and the blog/newsletter me don't sound quite the same. Do you know what I mean? Maybe this happens to you, too.

Instagram me is very spontaneous, and since I post daily, I can slowly investigate ideas, or dip my toes on topics randomly, and get immediate rapport. Also, I get to talk about my creative process, and I am very comfy doing that.

But here, or in the blog? I feel like I need to give you this crazy-insightful, longish text every week. And this makes me find an inner voice that wants to be sort of authoritative (the kind that would say "take it from me, I know").

In instagram, I feel free to have no answers, just stubborn consistency. Here I feel like I have to have "a point". And a point that will be useful to you, too.

I don't know, my dear, but as I deepen my meditative and creative practice, I am realizing that that "I know this to be true" voice doesn't interest me much.

Does this make sense to you?

Also, the number of subscribers here is much smaller than my number of instagram peeps, despite having been doing it for much longer. This discrepancy makes me think YOU can feel this thing I am talking about- if I was someone else I might call it an "authenticity" issue :)

So I am going to take a lil' break here. You can get more of me on instagram, of course (tap my aloe in the pic to go there); and you can hit reply and give me your two cents. I don't inted to fully stop this channel, just re-calibrate it.

Alright, that's that.
Big hugs, and thanks for being on the other side of the screen!
Belgian hugs,

Maria Gil