How your favorite mug can make your business better


Your favorite mug.

You know the one.

Sometimes you prefer to just rinse it out rather than using another one.

It makes your morning brew better. It watches you fall asleep from your bedside table. You'll never admit to keeping it all to yourself when guests come over (but you do).

Somebody designed it.

Somebody, somewhere, sat down and thought about YOU.  About how you wake up with swollen eyelids.  About how you and your matinal diminished verbal abilities (or is it just me?). About how that first coffee pushes you yet another day to try and make a difference.

Chances are, you are NOT a mug designer. But imagine you are.

Where do you start designing that mug?

Well, there are the facts:

-The whats (substance, temperature, quantity).

-The whos (glitter lovers, monochrome minimalists, first-time fathers).

That's good.


But I want you to add another layer: EMOTIONS.


The stuff that just doesn't make sense, but makes you, you.

Humans are not square. We are full of contradictions.

For example:

I can't bear tubular mugs. HATE THEM.

I can't tell you why.

You could know my age, my usual drink, my profession or my shopping habits. It still won't tell you that I HATE tubular mugs.


To design my favorite mug, you need to OBSERVE me.

It's not only about how I hold things. It's about how I FEEL about things.


And the same needs to happen when you design your new product or service.

Don't just design a mug. Design somebody's favorite mug.

And you can only do that through observing your clients' feelings.

Go ahead. Take your most favoritest mug from the place where it' drying.  Pour yourself some yogi tea, and think about your client's irrational emotions.

And you are halfway to a better business.


PS: Here's other people's favorite mugs: #myfavoritemug . It's a thing.

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Want to share what your favorite mug is like? Do you also hate tubular mugs? Are you an offended tubular mug maker? Drop me a line, anytime.

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