Your Newsletter is your Kingdom (or a practical example on lean innovation)

If you agree with both these statements:

  • You have a business.
  • You are online.

Then I bet... write a newsletter. Regularly.

You probably have some sort of goodie you give your subscribers when they sign up. This is meant to be the holy grial: have a fab sign-up goodie, and see the subscribers roll in. (In case you are curious, yes, I do bribe my subscribers too. You get an ideation workbook when you subscribe to mine).

But still... you need more people to share your message with (never forget your subscribers are people).

It's the base of your business. And yet you don't want to go on a douche spree telling everyone in every facebook group to sign up to your newsletter NOW!

Well, if you genuinely have an awesome newsletter, packed with wisdom and wit and sexy images... I've designed something for you!



Newsletterland is a place to find exciting newsletter and get a chance at sharing your own. Yay!


It's just a prototype right now, but I'd love to get your opinion on it.

And I'd LOVE to get your application in, too!

PSST: let's get a bit meta, shall we?

I'd like to take this chance to share with you a practical example of design thinking in action (remember we talked about it?)

Well, long story very short, it went Investigation/Ideation/Prototyping/Iteration/Finalization. So here's how it went with Newsletterland:


  1. - I saw a need (investigation) - entrepreneurs want to share their newsletters, and there's no ideal place to do so without an "excuse".
  2. - I had seen initiatives such as  Product Hunt, Craftposure, etc. and put two and two together.
  3. - I had the idea and shared it in several Bschool and Being Boss Facebook groups to see if there was a need (the response was positive).
  4. -I built a rough prototype (I plan on writing about this further, but I used my own Squarespace site and a free instagram account. Boom, it worked out free, no development paid for).
  5. - I am now sharing the prototype to see what YOU think and I'll iterate from there.


Does this make sense?

As usual, just drop me a line if you want to comment on this. Smooch!


tiny innovationMaria Gil