Content co-creation, iterations and crossroads


In Design Thinking we are OBSESSED with iteration.

I iterate everything in my life. Like say, my studio.

I noticed that I kept on moving my working space in the house.

  • First, it was under the stairs on a very sinny table.
  • I ran out of space, so I got a BIG table.
  • Then I realized the dust from the staircase was landing all over my iMac and whatnot and was making me feel like Harry Potter pre-Howarts.
  • So I re-divided the living room and put the table where the sofa used to be, fully extended.

But... I was still painting in the kitchen.

Why? Here's a few facts:

  • There's not much light in Belgium.
  • Artists are fussy as f*ck when it comes to natural light.
  • The kitchen has access to the terrace.
  • I paint in the morning and do computer work in the afternoons.

Basically, I had to end up recognizing that it was not about the damn table, it was about creative routines and availbility of sunlight. So now I have permanently moved my studio to the kitchen and made space to keep my paints there.

Iteration is nothing but trial and error. It's making a guess, checking how it's received, and correcting accordingly.

I think you can do this with your offerings, and your content in your biz. And here's where you come in. I need to co-create the content of this site with you. Here are a few things I've noticed:

  • Instagram is my best social media.
  • I mostly show up as an artist on instagram.
  • Most people on my mailing list are interested in consulting.
  • I don't do one-on-one consulting anymore except for ex-clients and current friends.
  • The people seeking me out for public speaking and workshops on innovation and Design Thinking are Spanish speakers.
  • My site is in English.

See where I'm going? I really need YOU to be honest with me so that I can be helpful to YOU. Sure, we can just hang out, and that's fine. But squarespace is not free, neither are watercolors. Every now and then I need to figure out something I can offer you, and that you'll genuinely enjoy.

So, can you help me co-create and iterate the content at this crossroad?

(psst, you get a discount code if you submit it, as a thank you!)



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