Friday's Fabulous 5 Finds - 10th APR 2015


1 - I keep on raving about Tantra Song and I still haven't written a full post about it, but yes, here it is, AGAIN. If you love abstract art and/or meditation, GET IT.

2 - When I re-took painting, moons started appearing everywhere. Then I signed up for Buddhist meditation class and guess what... the moon symbolism was there. And then I heard about this book, You are a Circle, and... you guess where this is going. Every day, after meditation, I read a page and I'm really enjoying it.

3 - Yesterday I wrote about Alain de Botton, here's a piece by him on philosophical meditation.

4 - A podcast on Rothko's Chapel. (post image via.)

Kiki Smith, Untitled, 1987-90, Silvered glass bottles, Each bottle 20 1/2" x 11 1/2" in diameter, via

5 - Kiki Smith's take on the medieval book of hours. A meditation on our bodies as vessels:

"I used to love... the idea that every hour you had some kind of meditation, something to think about or believe in. I was wondering how anyone could believe in anything, and I wanted to make a calendar with the fluids written on it, to think about every day"

(extract via).

Have a fab weekend!