Design for flawed humans (put your nasty inner voice to work)

You have nailed this very logical, step-by-step, benefit-lead service you've designed.

Nailed it.


Because, duh, you are superb at what you do (no, seriously).

And then... then this little f*cked up voice inside of you tells you:

"This is SO boring, yo".

As I learnt the other day, your ego is not your amigo.



Nonetheless... that flawless service you've just designed? It's... flawless.

And even if Beyoncé tells you she woke up like this, she didn't.

Humans are flawed.


You, me. Even Queen B. Even your clients.

And the design twist I keep on preaching (insert handy "preach" emoticon here) is... you need to design for flawed humans. You need to design for peeps who have those nasty inner voices, too.

If your ego-enemigo tells you your shit is boring, try and see if your client's ego will think the same.


Does she need an anal system to get herself organized, or does she need a process by which she'll learn to enjoy the fact that life is messy?

And sorry, there's no right, immediate answer, no one-size-fits-all kinda fix. Because the answer depends on what kind of emotional picture your client lives in, and what emotional promise your brand offers. 


Even if they buy your service trying to be someone else, they won't use it. They won't rave.

It might be perfect, but it won't work.


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tiny innovationMaria Gil