Friday's Fabulous 5 Finds - 3rd APR 2015

First one in this new series!

If you read yesterday's blog post, you know that there is going to be a whole lot more happening on the blog from now on.

On Fridays I'll curate a post with 5 things that have tickled my fancy that week. The idea is to be creative with what I propose and how I link one thing to another.

Here we go:


  1. Stromae's new video is quickly going viral. I felt like I died a little when I watched it, it's that moving. Don't miss it.
  2. An unbelievable story of how far the internet can take things. A guy's phone gets stolen. The rest is... insane. I enjoyed reading this enormously.
  3. Social media... before social media. One of my most favorite British presenters, Lucy Worsley, has created a whole series on the history of murder (genius, right?!). The second chapter has some stunning revelations of how the public interacted with news before there were blog comments, hashtags or twitter celebrities. The whole series is very entertaining, but seeing how Victorians behaved was enlightening - (its... uhm... available on youtube. Just sayin').
  4. Lady poet Rupi Kaur was censored online and we are all debating female imagery online.
  5. You've probably heard that good social media is about storytelling. This podcast on the History of Stories has haunted me for years now. I recommend it regularly, so you might already know it if you've followed me for a while. But the conclusion is just. So. Good.

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So... that's 5!

And hey, have you seen the new workshops happening soon?


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Thanks for reading! And have a fab weekend!