Meet the Idea Wheel (aka Innovatom)


Lately I've hearing loads of "I want to do something but don't know what".

So I thought I'd dust off the good old Innovatom (don't bother Googling that, I made it up a while ago - this is a slightly iterated version).


This is a handy tool to visualize an idea.


To begin with, let me explain to you what is what:

Your very core is your why, what really moves you.

This is articulated via your skills, aka, what you are capable of doing (through training or otherwise).

Then you have the big 3: what are you doing exactly, who are you doing this for, and how are you going to do it.


Let me illustrate a bit what am saying:

My why(s) would be creativity and ambition.

My skills are design, theory, Art, empathy, tech.

My what is varied, but let's pick one of them - courses on the creative process.

My to whom is to creative, independent ladies that know what they want.

And my how is through a myth-busting, non-woo, nerdy-but-approachable style.


How are you meant to use this?

1: Start at the center - and go outwards.


Fill in your core (you can refine this, go with what feels honest).

Count your skills (you got more than you think).

Now, you have the big 3 at the same level.


2: go with the one you know.

If you know you want to help teens with anger management issues, start with the who.

If you know you want to create a podcast, start with the what.

If you know you want a hilarious, slightly mean vibe, start with the how.


3: A+B=C (Spin the wheel!)

You might have one or two spots left.

This is where you figure out what goes there (with the help of the creative formula we've seen before).

Start doing the creative math: how could everything you've got on the wheel get together to create whatever is left blank?

You'll get multiple answers, pick what feels right, or pick several!

For example:

My WHY: making history.

My skills: languages, communication and accounting (YES, THIS IS FICTION).

My how: very easy and understandable.


If you put it all together and spin the wheel...

My WHO + WHAT could then be...

- helping immigrants with their accounts and taxes and what not.

- going all over the world teaching basic accounting to small street biz founded by women.

- sharing your expertise on the fantastic world of accounting with international colleagues so that you can get together and try to design a unified system since we've all gone global.

(or something!).


Meta bonus: your who's why

See that red dot on the "who"? It's not an accident. Remember, your who is a human with a great inner world. Try an see their inner workings, desires and why-s.

Want to continue this conversation? Email me, anytime.