Buying/Selling Art online: a map

You know when you look at a massive pile of clothes and scream in desperation "I have nothing to wear!"? (before the Marie Kondo method, of course).

Well, trying to sell your Art online feels the same.

Endless option. None exactly what you need.

Behold, the map to selling your work online:

Before we start, a caveat: I'm not talking about an Artist's own site (which I think we should all have), because I assume the real issue with selling online is finding the right people. That's why we want to belong to more established communities.


On the map:


Original Art only:

Buy Some Damn Art

Uprise Art NY

Artsy (works only through physical galleries)

Rise Art


Shop with all sorts of products (+ original Art):

Leif Shop

Serena & Lilly


Shops with prints or products only:

Minted (this one's a bit different because it's curated through competitions with themes, and their audience votes for their favorite).


Connectors (putting Artists in touch with buyers, retailers, etc.):

Artsetters (they seem to have gone through major changes, they used to sell originals but it looks like they sell objects now). (they help connect makers with tastemakers)

Indiewalls (they put Artists in touch with projects that need large quantities of pieces, like hotels)

Art:I:Curate (one of the most innovative: your work is crowdfunded and paid by your "co-producers", and if you sell the work they get some gains, like investors would do).



Original Art only:





Shop with all sorts of products (+ original Art):




Chairish (US only)

One Kings Lane (Us only)


Shops with prints or products only:



Connectors (putting Artists in touch with buyers, retailers, etc.):



Things to take into account:

There are infinte things out there. These are not all of them! This is a list of options that are popular with Artists and looked like they belonged in 2015. As noted, some sites only work in a specific location, or an specific language. Also, these are mostly big players. Remember there's other, smaller options.

None of these are free, because they are businesses. And that's fair! Some ask for some money to apply, and most if not all charge a percentage from the sales (or a monthly fee).

Did I miss something? F*ck up somewhere? Anything you want to share? Send me an email!