Product co-creation results!


Yes! Another exciting posts with graphics (with the new Squarespace feature!) and your opinions. Bring 'em in!

Last week I was explaining how the new changes were going, and I asked what you'd like me to move forward with. Here's what you said:

What product do you want?

What style would you prefer?

What print would you want?

For who would this be?

How much would this be worth to you?


Ideally, you'd have:

  • a large scarf
  • digitally printed
  • any print, but mostly the latest style, more botanic-like
  • for you and for gifts, hands down!
  • and around 50 dollars

I'm delighted to say... something has already been done about this.

I'll keep it under wraps (get it?! get it?!) because I want to test a few things before putting a product out for sale, but the project is now in motion.

So very excited (and grateful)!




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