Lightness in business


I emptied my shelves of books that I thought made me proud.

Let me rephrase that.

I had many (MANY) books. Having them made me proud. It said something about me: I am smart, I am interesting, I am hard working, I am intellectual. But as I decluttered the KonMari way, I realized they made me proud... but most of them did not spark joy. So I decided to trust the process and let them go. And the feeling of lightness, of airiness, of focus was... moving.

If you've tried to do this, you might have felt that this way of questioning your surroundings and belongings starts to extend and permeate your life.

So I tried lightening up my business.

  1. I blogged WAY less
  2. I stopped #the100daysofquestions on Instagram
  3. I forgot about my official FB page
  4. I let twitter be a mirror of my Instagram account
  5. I tried to write my newsletter with Snap, a new system by Mailchimp, that works a bit like Instagram: you post a pic, write a footnote for it, and send it away
  6. I tried writing shorter emails (I already wrote them only once a day... or every two)
  7. I let go of older paintings through a pay-what-you-want sale (letting go of me conception of what value my work has)
  8. I pressed pause on a collaborative project that I genuinely thought was a great idea
  9. I started working with less noise around me (less podcasts, less music)

And I've had my best month in over a year (economically speaking).

Mind you, with all the drama last year, my business was starving. So that I made more money this month does not imply I'll be off to buying Louboutins (also, i am a vegan and I don't wear leather). But having to pause and redefining everything after having felt so lost made me try and listen to myself more. And today I am feeling good about my (ad)ventures for the first time in a long while.

I don't mean to say "do these 9 things and you'll be great". I know other things are coinciding, like all the experimenting is starting to pay off. JUST starting to pay off. But I do feel more confident. And this confidence has helped me reaching out to other people (for example, today I am posting on the One Woman Shop instagram feed as part of their #onewomanshopbaton initiative). It's like a vice-free vicious circle.

I think I know better now what I am doing, and for the first time I'm seeing my consulting, my painting, my drawing and Tambi kind of overlapping. They echo each other. Aesthetically, conceptually and somehow logically. It's like there's the beginning of a tune being formed.

Have you tried decluttering your biz?

I'd love to know more. Send me an email or find me on instagram!