Content co-creation, a follow-up


About two months ago I asked what you wanted of me, and ... you answered! I then wrote an article about what you said exactly and how I processed that info.

Well, I'm here today to do a follow-up! I know, I can barely contain the excitement myself. Buckle up!



What I understood:

  • a part of my audience wants to read about Art and Creativity,
  • and another wants to read about Creative Strategy and Innovation.
  • Also, some people are curious to see more curating (picking things I find interesting).

I packed up the blog... by adding something practically every day. And my impression 2 months later is that this needs more work... not in writing more, but in analyzing this better. These are the problems I've noticed and the conclusions I'm drawing from them:

  • Information overwhelm - I send a newsletter and I have to try and focus what I'm saying. Therefore, sometimes I just ignore some of the posts and highlight just one, or make a mess of the newsletter and try and point to several posts. No bueno.
  • Audience unification: Dedicated readers read as many articles as I posted, so actually I was making my readers (and myself!) work harder at interacting with my content.
  • Format improvement: I was looking forward to being more of a curator but this aspect of the content needed better definition. Am I curating ideas? Articles? Objects? Images? During a session with Elizabeth of Iterate, a specialist in Social Media, she mentioned I needed to up my Pinterest game. Put two and two together, and I think I'd better curate natively on Pinterest and cut it off the blog.


  • Less posts
  • More Pinterest




Over half of you wanted workshops. That's great, 'cause I love leading them. Match made in internet heaven. This was a success in my books. Given that I have a tiny audience, and that I do absolutely everything and do not advertise (hence, spending 0 in prepping for them) I was delighted with the sign-up rate (although loads did sign up last-minute and there where loads of dramatic "WHY OH WHY" moments half-way through). What's more, I added a bundle option for the two workshops offered and most people took me up on it. Grateful high-five!


I did not ask anything about sessions (one-on-one consultations). That was mostly because: a) they are not very scalable, I had problems putting boundaries with people I'm talking directly to, and because most people who want them are Spanish speakers, not English speakers. BUT I've kept on being asked about them (by Spanish speakers, yes). So this month I'm running the experiment of pop-up consultancy. In other words, I don't need to offer them all the time, but I can try and offer them once or twice a year. Let's see what happens. If you are curious, there's 4 spots left at the time of writing:


This was the one that stung a little. I really want to focus more on the Artwork because it makes me freaking happy. The resultes showed that those of you who wanted to buy Art really valued it and were happy to pay fairly for it. BUT, most of you did not want to buy original Art.

So, what I did was up the price on the originals (which were severely underpriced) and set to investigate about products.


Loads of changes in the store. I've improved the presentation and the feedback has been good.


Some people privately suggested selling prints, but the materials I use don't translate well to printing (because of textures and light effects). That was OK because most of your replies ignored the prints option. Nonetheless, there was a certain demand for postcards. Postcards have the same issues as prints, so what I've done is... original Art, postcard-sized. And I must say, they are CUTE as hell. They are super affordable as far as original paintings go, but they are more expensive than postcards. I'll see what happens with them:

The other two things that went on my to-do list were notebooks and scarves. Notebooks were more popular in the poll, but over Instagram, I get weekly comments that go: "Oh, I'd love a that print on a dress", "I need a scarf like that!", "Have you thought of making textiles out of this?!". So, my priority is textiles.

Here's the deal, though. I want your help to co-create these textiles.

Can you help me? (there's a lil' something for you at the end).

Which one of these would you be happy to buy? *
I have mostly two options, digital textile prints; or artisanal textile printing. What would suit your style best? *
Digital textile prints - they take a photograph and print it on fabric. Quicker and cheaper. Artisanal textile printing - loads of techniques, but I'd have to design simpler patterns that do not look like my paintings to suit techniques such as stamping, or batik. Much slower and expensive.
Which type of pattern would you be more inclined to buy? *
Who would this be for? *
How much would you be happy to spend on this product? *

Thanks a bunch! As usual, feel free to email me about this.