Smug - new product alert!


I am about to show you something that:

Can hang on the wall.

Can work as a bedspread.

Can be used to wrap gifts.

Can brighten up an outfit.

Can even be THE WHOLE outfit.

Can save you from a bad hair day.


Something that leaves me with this smug face:



In one of the product co-creation exercises they were clear winners, so I ordered a prototype (actually, ordered two, but... the other has not showed up in over a month, so... nope!).

I was terrified of the quality of the print and the fabric but... look at my face! I cannot lie, I am DELIGHTED and my expectations have been BLOWN.

The one I am wearing is this one:

It's a massive 140x140 cms (over 55x55 inches).

It's silky, but it's not silk (because silk is not vegan and I am a vegan, c'est la vie).

And it's BRIGHT. It's actually so colorful... it goes with every color in the world.

I've worn it with black, white, jeans, pink, jade, orange... even with stripey shirts. It matches the whole universe.



Notice, this is a presale.

This means I won't order way too many, or way too few (and you get a 5 dollar discount for helping me order the right amount).

AND, since we will be scarf sisters soon, I'll let you take a peak at some other scarves I'm considering:

Psst, a quick note on the 20th of July,

The yellow/grey-ish model is getting a considerable amount of love. I'll go ahead and order a bunch of those.

If you want to pre-order one of those with the discount, go ahead and use the regular pre-order page.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of the order and show you pics when I receive them to verify you do indeed prefer that model to the current one.

Thank you!

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know via email or via instagram.

Thanks a million for being on the other side of the internet!

Maria Gil