Co-creation and weighting cows

I've been thinking of pushing my co-creation experiments to one of the darkest corners of creative businesses:

PRICING (cue horror movie scream).


I've tried opening up conversations about how to price Art and I've found:

-The formulists (size + materials ...)

-The believers (I think a piece is as good as the price tag!)

-The pearl-clutchers (You said this is HOW MUCH?!)

-The cheerleaders (I think you should charge more!)

-The entrepreneurs (Think how much is your audience ready to pay)

-The gutters (What does your gut tell you?)

-The watchers (what are others charging?)

It's an open-ended drama, and, obviously, there is no right or wrong.


And then, I heard this podcast... and it all clicked together.

The basics of what they discuss is, if you ask a bunch of non-experts how much does a cow weigh, and do an average of the diverse answers... they'll get it right. Actually, if you ask a bunch of experts, they won't come as close to the truth. One of those "knowledge of the masses" thing. The crazy highs compensate the crazy lows and boom, sorted.

You see where I'm going, right?


I want you to guess-the-weight-of-the cow with my Artwork.

And let me be super honest with you, I am doing this because:

a) I think it should be fun and super interesting! (you know I like experiments)

b) I am FREAKING OUT about opening the studio next month. (I am having these scenarios where pearl-clutchers run away from the store, and cheerleaders and believers have nice chats with me but walk away empty-handed because I lacked value-awareness. And yes, I'll never get it 100% right. But I do believe that, even with Art, some prices are more "fitting" than others).


What do you say, wanna play? (Don't worry, it's just 6 pics, I won't make you price EVERYTHING I ever made!).


Results next week... (I am SO curious with this one!)


(In the meanwhile, you know you can find me on Instagram! Be good and thanks for reading and playing!)

Maria Gil