When you close your eyes and see cacti (or how to innovate inwards)


I remember a cover from Icon magazine back when I was studying product design, in the super Apple heyday, and it read:

"You don't save your soul just painting everything white".


After working online for a while (with Nosideup, and the old site under my name, and TinyMighty) I think there's a parallel: working online won't save your soul.

Digital businesses are not a panacea.

Like everything else, there are pros and cons. And alternatives.


I used to close my eyes and see a white room, and cacti. It was a studio. I would never close my eyes and "see" a computer screen, nor my iphone.

I fear that trying to be innovative, and lean-biz and all that, I wouldn't any other options.

Then, whilst I was doing the Braid course, I realized that I wanted to... focus on my Artwork. No surprise here - I had put a halt on the one-on-ones, and I felt right about that. But I felt I clearly wanted to go deeper.

At the same time, I started receiving messages from collectors saying:

"your artwork is so much better in real life".


Cue more studying, much soul searching and admitting that what I see when I close my eyes is still more attractive than a website. So...

In September I'm opening a studio/gallery in Brussels.


Pretty much like this site, but... physical. Except peeps will be able to come in, stroll and view the work and talk to me (if my French, which is pretty bad, allows it).

I intend to keep up the e-store, but I'll take the opportunity to play with the virtual buyer's experiences. I think I can do better for you, guys.

I am very excited.

So, if you close your eyes and see a very different life, do indulge yourself. Try and acknowledge what's happening. Do something about it. Whatever it takes, it might end up being worth it.

Maria Gil