The co-created playlist is here!

Before I get cracking with the playlist, thanks a million to those of you who wrote back last week saying that YES, you'd like to read more from my Art Historian/Theorist alter ego. It's much appreciated.

Now, what we've all been waiting for... (OK, that's a bit of an oversell).... the co-created playlist to make awesome stuff to!

See, last week I asked my instagram peeps to help me put together a play list of music to play in the studio. Big massive thank yous to all of you who sent suggestions! I've done my best to put down all of your names and songs. Without further ado, here we go (get ready for a mixture of painting-whilst-booty-shaking-and-deep-concentration):

Is this it?!

Nope! My own selection (heavily influenced by the Mister, who is our home DJ - expect a heavy African accent!), and all of these are availabe to listen in this OVER 6 HOURS LONG Spotify playlist. Make awesome stuff, my people! (and feel free to add the list to yours and perfect it to your taste, of course!).

Maria Gil