1 minute to inspire.

Hora Fetén is a community based project I started in Madrid in 2011.

It's about making the time to talk about things that matter to you, and that just don't come up in conversations. To share and - ideally - inspire others with your discoveries.

We did it for 6 months in Madrid and are now translating the experience to the Brussels scene.


How does it work?

Every guest has 1 minute (strictly timed!) to share with the others anything he/she finds inspiring: an idea, something just learnt, an article, a show, a movie, a biography, a dream or anything else... ANYTHING, really!

Once everyone has shared their minute, we then ask questions and comment on the ideas. We look for synchronicity in thought, commonalities, parallelisms, and try to create an overall, overarching idea/theme.

This sounds very serious, but in reality is all quite fun!

Plus, there is food and drinks, too.


If you are in Brussels and want to come to the next one, send me a note. Thanks!