What's the relationship between your Art and meditation?

Good one. I meditate every day and I find loads of what I learn meditating applicable to Art or well, life. Letting go. Not overestimating thought over anything else. Being present. Feeling the body. Promoting kindness. I try and translate all these stuff to my painting practice and see how one feeds the other.

What materials and techniques do you use?

My work is very experiential, and materials play a big role. Materials used include watercolors, liquid watercolors, inks, gouache, acrylics. I play a lot with light effects (I use interference paint, a type of acrylic that changes color with light, tiny glass beads that are quite reflective, different types of golden colors, etc). Also, I play with non-traditional mediums and tools (for example iron oxide particles, that feel almost like metallic sand). Please notice sometimes I manipulate the paper itself to create the textures, it can be "imperfect". Photographs are intended to be accurate, but they'll never be the exact color and effect of the piece.

What's up with the series or collections? How do you decide on what a collection is? Why are they different?

Loads of artists work in series. They usually are a means to explore something. So, instead of painting one piece on X, you do several to really check all the facets of that topic or interest. Since I work daily as a compliment of my meditation, I produce quite a lot, and each piece is slightly different from the previous. Whenever I realize that what I am painting looks completely different than the previous ones, I "put a pin on it" and start a new series, and try to see what has changed. Sometimes my thoughts see an evolution first, but often it's my hands that lead the change.



How should I care for my work?

Make sure you frame it with some protection (like a glass panel, or clear plastic). Don't make it wet, or wash it directly. You know, pretty basic stuff. Don't be shy to just live with it. Art is alive and likes conversation.

How should I display my work?

Well, you can isolate it and turn it into a statement piece and focal point for that room, or you can create a gallery wall. This means, placing it nearby other pieces. It really is up to you. I do a bit of both. I quite like seeing how pieces change when they live in proximity to other work. Just be playful with it.

How should I frame my work?

Between you and me? Ikea is fine. I also have these DELIGHTFUL Moebe frames that I sell (just contact me if you need one), that are super clever and minimalist. If you go to a proper framer, they'll seal beautifully and you'll have plenty of choice. And just in case it comes handy: I am a sucker for white frames and either wide matting, or no matting.

Do I have to display the twin pieces together?

No. I think they have a dialogue when displayed together, but you are free to move them about as you please. Again, just have fun. see how different they feel by themselves, together, next to each other, the other way around... I am really not fussy about this- have a go!




How do you decide your prices?

That's the million dollar question! I tried something a bit odd: asking my readers what they'd pay. You can see more about that experiment here and here. That said, the intention behind the prices is to offer something between Ikea posters and Etsy prints, and Gallery prices. I do reserve the right to either increase or decrease the prices.

The piece I want is Sold Out.

Bummer! Ok, listen, I do NOT replicate paintings, so once it's gone; it's gone. BUT, SOLD OUT doesn't always mean it's... well, sold out. It's a website thing. As far as I can tell, I cannot mark something ON HOLD (like, imagine a client is deciding between two pieces, or it's being shown in an exhibition). In these cases, the pieces may appear as sold out, but may reappear later. Just send me an email if you want to check!

How do I know if I am making a good investment?

Ugh. I have bought Art, but always for love, not for investment. It's a whole other game. If you are buying to invest, I recommend seeking advice from a professional dealer or consultant. Or, you know, just go for it- the pieces are affordable on purpose.

How do I choose a piece?

Hmmm. It can be hard, especially online. It's a bit like choosing a person. There's a certain "butterfly" feeling in your belly or throat. Or, if you want, a feeling of "recognizing" a piece, like you had always known it (I bet this has happened to you with someone who is now a friend of yours). Sometimes you must just have something. It makes you curious and you can't resist. Sometimes it's a slower thing. Don't rush. Send me any questions you have. Just a thought: choose a piece that will remind you of who you are right now, but can also grow with you. A piece that can be meaningful for a long time.

Why is the shipping free?

Oh, 'cause I am a disaster and can't quite figure out how to make the website make a sane calculation on the shipping price from Belgium. So before screwing it up, I'd rather err on your favor.


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