Hora Fetén

One minute for all, all for a minute.

First HF in 2011, Madrid.

First HF in 2011, Madrid.


The Hora Fetén is a casual monthly-ish gathering to take the pulse of a moment. My now-husband Manuel Manrique Gil and me started it in 2011 in Madrid, and it currently takes place in Brussels.

  • It is strictly formatted, each guest (every single attendant) speaks for one literal minute.

  • The topics are totally open, each one brings their personal obsessions: what they are reading, listening, what they find themselves thinking about while the kettle boils.

  • Everyone speaks one after another, without interruptions nor questions.

  • After all the “minutes” have been shared, questions are welcome.

  • Then the conversation moves towards linking the different topics, finding connections, overlaps, and related insights.

The Hora Fetén was specifically designed as a way to provoke good conversations. The format is informed by the saying that if someone does not partake in a conversation within the first 20 minutes, they will remain silent.

The current Hora Fetén community co-moderates the events very minimally, and every month we have a voluntary host. This means the Hora Fetén usually has a domestic backdrop, making it intimate and close.

Manuel is working on The Hora Fetén Chronicles, a collection of all the topics brought up across the years. A publication is being designed in collaboration with my sister Marta Gil Ulldemolins.

If you want to attend, please feel free to reach out.