The Prunes

The Prunes


The Prunes are very special.

They are transitional pieces. If you look closely, you'll be able to see inherited traits from former series, and the birth of techniques key to posterior work.

They are not very big, 32 x 41 cms (12 1/2 x 16 1/8 inches); but they pack a punch in color and composition.

If you feel like you work a lot and don't quite get there, the prunes are for you.

They are reminders to show up, show up, show up; and let little shifts happen.

Sometimes it's not one big thing that makes us, but rather a collection of tiny ones, right? Right. That's the power of the Prunes.

They'll ship in a tube, rolled up with tons of love. And hey, the SHIPPING IS FREE, anywhere in the world. Because once you feel the pull of a piece of Art, and you know it's meant to be yours, no postal fee should mess with that.



Each Prune is a unique original. Pick yours by indicating the letter (right corner in the picture).

Also, you see them here framed with a white mat. They come unframed and without any mat so that you can really style them up in a way that's meaningful for you and fits your home perfectly.


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