Storms Make Waves

Storms make Waves

Storms make Waves


We tend to focus on the big things, the storms, the goals, the breakthroughs. And then we forget that these moments are not endings, but beginnings.

Storms make Waves is a long series of rather bold pieces.

They are about movement, about search. About finding yourself riding an epiphany and realizing there is an exciting, exhilarating abyss behind it. Storms make Waves are about action, about jumping into whatever it takes to materialize what it's taken you so long to envision.

Each piece is a unique original painting in watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. Each measures a considerable 83 x 110 cms (32.67 x 43.3 inches). The paint covers all the surface of the paper, without margins.

They come unframed so that you can style them perfectly for your home.

I know buying an original piece online can be unnerving. Reach out and we can arrange a virtual studio visit so that you can talk to me, compare pieces and ask any questions.


Pick the original by indicating the letter or number on the top right of the image. Thank you!

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