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Meditation on the people you love

Meditation on the people you love

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Gifts are meant to express affection and attention for the other person. But often they just end up being another name on the list, or another item to budget in. And that's understandable, especially in a season where we all have many people to think about.


But what about people who choose to have less things (minimalists and konmari fans)?

Or those who just don't need another scented candle?

Or those who would genuinely love something unique- but you can't really afford to get *that thing* for them?


Here's an idea: you can commission me to perform a meditation on someone you love. Instead of focusing on my breath, I will focus on them. You can choose for how many minutes, and I'll send them a card they can frame or keep tucked in a favorite book.

An important side note: to me, this is not a new-agey healing thing, and I do not want anyone to support this project with hopes it will somehow improve the receiver's health. I regard this as an artistic act, something done for the poetic statement. You are literally giving thoughtfulness, time and care.

If you have questions, or want a custom order, just contact me. Thank you.

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