Want me provoke your people into being more creative and innovative?

It's one of my most favourite things to do in the whole wide world!



If you need to:

-come up with a new campaign

-develop a new product

-brainstorm new directions

-co-create solutions with a diverse collection of people

or just want a creative training for your team, I am your woman.

No, really. This is where I cut my teeth.

I've designed workshops for all sorts of brands and teams (see below) and I am always happy to design a workshop that suits you, your brand and your needs.


Do you need somebody to speak about creativity without talking about following intuitions?

Or maybe you want a speaker on innovation that has a creative background rather than a business one?

That's me!

I've spoken in different contexts, from educational institutions to a conference for pharma experts.




Here's a few selected peeps who have enjoyed these services:

And fear not, you don't need to be a massive entity to hire me. I love working with smaller institutions and companies!

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan.



Drop me a line and let's decide together what you need.